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As the local and possibly one of the most active promotional products associations in the country, UMAPP can provide every company member with many of the educational and contact needs in this industry. From trade shows and education to learning from one another ... UMAPP is here for you!

On a national basis, the Promotional Products Association International can provide services and resources that a smaller association may not be able to. So be sure to check out their site as well -
Membership in UMAPP is easy. Each company qualifies for membership by having an ASI, PPAI or SAGE number, or the ability to provide 5 different distributor purchase orders (suppliers) or 5 different supplier invoices (distributors).
An online application is available to companies with an existing ASI, PPAI or SAGE number.
A printable application is available for companies who will be submitting purchase orders or invoices.

Distributor: A company whose primary business includes developing ideas for the use of promotional products, buying such products from suppliers (manufacturers) and reselling them to end-buyers.

Supplier: A company that manufactures, converts, warehouses, or decorates promotional products for sale to promotional products distributors or to a firm maintaining a division or affiliate devoted to reselling promotional products.

Business Services Member: A company that sells services, information or products (other than promotional products) that support the normal conduct of business. Must not sell or lease machinery or equipment used in the manufacturing or decoration of promotional products in order to exhibit at our shows. Membership requirements: (1) Must be engaged in the promotional products industry for at least one year; (2) provide written references from 10 different PPAI or ASI members who verify that applying company provides products or services related to promotional products or submit a purchase order from each of the 10 references for products or services.

Multi-Line Rep: An independent company, contracted by one or more suppliers to market their products and services to distributors.

Super Senior: A sole-proprietorship where the owner is 70 years or older. The distributorship must not have any other full-time sales person. This does not include peripheral office help (i.e. administrative assistant, bookkeeper, graphic design, etc.). Membership in this category is by pre-approval.


Distributor Company ($110 / $95)

Supplier Company ($110 / $95)

Business Services ($110 / $95)

Multi-Line Rep ($110 / $95 - membership is not required to exhibit at the shows, but all of the lines a multi-line exhibits must be members).

Super Senior - $0 (for this category, contact the UMAPP office first).

$110* (MN, IA, ND, SD, and WI corporate office)

$95*  (Corporate office is outside the five-state area)

* Beginning June 1 - October, dues are pro-rated. If joining in November or December, the membership will be full price and will extend through the end of the following year.


UMAPP Fire and Ice Success Stories Contest 

Congratulations to Cindy Gray of Rapit Printing


A wise man once said, “If a person wants to buy a blue suit, sell them a blue suit”.  Well Cindy Gray from Rapit Printing took that saying to heart.  She was challenged with finding a specific green polo for one of her larger clients for the upcoming tradeshow season.  After attending some early local shows, searching high and low with various apparel wholesalers, sending countless web links and samples of products to her client, she was running out of options and beginning to wonder if she’d ever find that perfect “blue suit”.  But Cindy didn’t give up; she attended the UMAPP Booth Show in 2012 and while walking the show floor, came across the perfect match.  She took pictures, ordered samples and presented to the client.  The end result was a $15,000 apparel order along with many subsequent re-orders since that time. 

That’s a huge success for Cindy and it doesn’t stop there.  As a result of sharing her story with UMAPP, Cindy won the free iPad Mini.  On Monday, April 15, 2013, Sandy Nichols (UMAPP Executive Board Member) and the UMAPP Membership Committee (Kristi Lewis, Stephanie Johnson and Joe Eckert), along with Rapit Printing co-owner Bill Dessert presented the prize to Cindy Gray.  Needless to say, Cindy was thrilled with the iPad mini and she proudly stated, “Christmas can come in April”! 

It’s not always this easy to clearly define the value of UMAPP.  However, if you take advantage of the various eve

nts that UMAPP coordinates, your chances of finding that perfect match for one of your clients increases significantly – one perfect match can fund your membership for years to come.  Sandy Nichols’ knows this well and took the opportunity to promote the importance of striving for CAS/MAS certification, as well as promoting both the upcoming factory tour at Norwood (April 30th) and the Education Extravaganza at the Mall of America on May 15th

Again, the UMAPP Membership Committee thanks all those members that participated in the contest and took the time to share their great stories.




Benefits of Belonging to UMAPP 

Make more money
(participation in UMAPP pays!)
Get new ideas
Meet more people
Gain a professional edge
Opportunities to increase your knowledge = more business
Industry Certification
Earn your TAS, CAS, MAS, or MAS+
Network with other industry professionals
Exchange ideas and information
Attend the largest trade show in the Upper Midwest
Since every member is pre-qualified, belonging to UMAPP shows your status as an industry professional
Attend the infamous Room Show in August
Access to pending legislative issues that affect the industry
New in 2014:  UMAPP's first end-user show 
Volunteer Opportunities - Give back to the industry
Suppliers:  Many advertising opportunities to
reach promotional products professionals in this region. 
FedEx discount, Navigator Newsletter, Distributor Xpress, new website and more
Click HERE for a membership brochure. 


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